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I'm using MongoDB in a reporting system and have to delete a whole bunch of test documents. While I don't have too much trouble using the JSON-based command-line tools, it gets extremely tedious to have to keep searching for documents, copy-and-pasting OIDs, etc., especially from a command prompt window (ever tried to "mark" text that wraps multiple lines?)

How can I visually inspect the databases and collections, perform some simple CRUD tasks and manage multiple scripts in a proper window (not a command prompt)?

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For visually manage MongoDB documents and collections, MongoVue is the best I found till now, it has great features like database or collection copy and text mode viewing for records which is extremely useful

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You can easily manage MongoDB documents and collections by visualizing it with the help of MongoDB GUI tools. As you must be aware that UI(user interface) is the most important part of the development of any application. It is quite hectic to work on the terminal or mongo shell thus MongoDB is having its own GUI so that working with NoSQL database will be simple, unique and straightforward. Here are some tools that you can use it to visualize the data inside the MongoDB database:

  1. MongoBooster

  2. RoboMongo

  3. MongoDB Compass

  4. MongoVUE

  5. RockMongo

  6. MongoHub

  7. 3T Mongo Chef

  8. UMongo

If you want to learn more about MongoDB then go through this MongoDB course for more insights.

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