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Which has better career opportunities, testing with Selenium or QTP?

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If there will be any voting then no doubt most of the votes will go for Selenium, but before making a selection you should understand what is the actual purpose.

If you want to start your career in automation without a specific reason to pick one between the two, It is recommended to start with Selenium as It will give you a better exposure in Industry than QTP/UFT. So must be knowing that many of the applications have moved to the web, and that has increased the demand of Selenium experts because Selenium is available free of cost. This is the reason that many of the startups are picking up the Selenium for testing purposes to avoid the high license cost of QTP.

If you want to have a certification in Selenium you can refer to the Intellipaat Selenium courses.

To learn Selenium you can visit the following link where you can get all the insights about it:-

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