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I'd like to move the last several commits I've committed to master to a new branch and take master back to before those commits were made. Unfortunately, my Git-fu is not strong enough yet, any help?

I.e. How can I go from this

master A - B - C - D - E

to this?

newbranch      C - D - E
master  A - B

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Move the commit to a new branch:

The following commands will create a new branch called ‘feature’, then hard resets staging and working tree the existing branches HEAD to the previous commit.

git branch feature

git reset --hard HEAD~1   #or commit SHA1

Move the commit to an existing branch:

Merge new commits in first and then follow the steps given below:

git checkout existingbranch

git merge master

git checkout master

git reset --hard HEAD~2  #Go back 2 commits, Note that You will lose uncommitted work.

git checkout existingbranch

For more commands like this please go through the following tutorial that will help you understand the git


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