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What is GitHub generally, and what is it mainly used for?

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In general terms Github is just like a social media for programmers. Where they can upload their code and show off their skills. Programmers can have a backup of all the works that they have done there. So, Git provides them the facility to undo their work whenever it is required so this is one of the most important reasons why we use git. Just like the social media programmers can create group here and do projects it also gives chat option. So all who are working in the same project can communicate there by themselves. Just like an admin in whatsapp here also admin have all powers to accept new members and changes or modifications done by others. If you are an absolute beginner or you have a little knowledge of GitHub in that case to learn GitHub and what is pull request or what is a repository in detail which is necessary for a programmer you can learn it by taking up the GitHub training course. If you like to read then you can have a look at the GitHub tutorial. If you want to learn it by watching the video tutorial then you can have a look at the following tutorial:-

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