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What should I study in 2019, Data science or MEAN stack?

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That very much depends on what your interests are. Both MEAN Stack and Data Science are very popular fields. Data Science is more based on working with raw data, cleaning, transforming, normalizing it, and then applying algorithms to extract important and useful information from it. 

MEAN Stack on the other hand is used to build the web applications both front-end and back-end. It is used to create a Web applications with all its components written in JavaScript. 

I would suggest that you try both out and then pursue which one you feel more comfortable with.

However if you wish to lean MEAN Stack i would suggest you start by learning individual technologies of the stack like MongoDB, Angular etc.

You can also read this blog that explains what MEAN stack is.

If you wish to learn MongoDB you can do this end to end certification course on MongoDB.

Also you can learn Angular by doing this end-to-end certification course on Angular.

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