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What are the best, regularly updated machine learning blogs or resources available?

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It appears like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are topics at the top of everyone’s mind in tech. Be its autonomous cars, robots, or machine intelligence in general, everyone’s talking about machines getting smarter and being able to do more.

You can check out this informative blog by Intellipaat which will help you in learning ML from scratch: What is Machine Learning

If you are having any doubts regarding any technology then you can post questions in the community, your query will get resolved by the technical expertise of Intellipaat and if you want to share your knowledge regarding Machine Learning then you can provide solutions to the questions in Intellipaat’s Machine Learning community

If you are a beginner and want to know more about Machine Learning, then check out this course by Intellipaat which will teach you ML from basics: Machine Learning Course

And if you are more into youtube tutorials then here is an awesome video tutorial by Intellipaat which will clear all your doubts regarding the same:

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