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Which is the best training institute for Selenium in Delhi/NCR?

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This era is of Online studies. So, rather than trying to enrol into a physical classroom in Delhi/NCR, you should go for online coaching? Online coaching gives a virtual classroom environment and you get many benefits from it.

By virtual environment, I mean to say that:-

  • There will be an instructor who will be delivering the class live.

  • A support team from your online institutes will guide you throughout your learning.

  • You will save time, energy and travel expenses and many more, this is the biggest advantage of the online class.

All these features are provided by Intellipaat, in Selenium Training Certification Course.

You can learn about Selenium WebDriver starting from this tutorial: Selenium Tutorial – Learn Selenium from Experts.

Alternatively, you can check out the below video on YouTube which will help you cover the basics of Selenium:-


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