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What are the best examples of artificial intelligence?

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The best applications of Artificial Intelligence are:

1.Tesla's self-driving cars

2.Google Maps

3.Google Translate

4.Amazon Alexa

5.Amazon's Recommendation System

6.Netflix Recommendation System

So, it is a wonderful field of study.

There is a lot to explore in this field. People should learn AI and acquire skills because it has a bright future and an AI Engineer's salary gets a hike of up to 60–80 percent while switching jobs.

If you are a beginner go through this Artificial Intelligence Tutorial to know more about AI.

Also, if you want to learn AI from scratch you must go through this tutorial:

For getting a job as an AI engineer you should be a professional in AI and you need to have a certificate for proving it, so, you should go for Artificial Intelligence Course to make your career rise to the next level.

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