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Which is the best institute to learn Microsoft Windows Azure on the Internet?

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Azure is very much like any other cloud platform, so if you know how to use one of these you can learn the other one very easily. So before learning Azure you need to learn the basics of components used to build cloud computing infrastructures. Such as: Virtual Machines, Virtual Networks, Storage Solutions, Hypervisor etc. Then you can move on to learn about services offered by Azure such as Azure CosmosDB for Database Management etc. All of this can be a bit overwhelming to learn. However this is very difficult, so you can enroll in a training institute, preferably one which is accredited by Microsoft. Since Azure is one of the most popular domains in the market currently. Almost all industries have a high demand for cloud practitioners with great skill set. Because of this high demand there are multiple training institutes both online and offline that provide training in Microsoft Azure. But since there are so many training institutes, it is sometimes difficult to choose the best one. In my opinion choosing a training institute especially for a practical domain such as cloud should depend on the following criteria:

1. Course Content.

2. Trainer/Instructor experience.

3. Training Schedule

4. Job Assistance .

5. Value for money.

Although there are online institutes like Udemy that have a lot of courses on Azure they do not provide lifetime upgrade with support, Job Assistance. Based on these criteria i would suggest Microsoft Azure training from Intellipaat. They provide. 24*7 Life time Access & Support, Flexible Class Schedule, Job Assistance, Mentors with +14 years, Industry Oriented Course ware and Life time free Course Upgrade.

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