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Is Django an important source to learn? Is it important in future? Can I grow with it?

So questions:

  • Can someone tell me the largest website it has built?
  • Is Django capable of dealing with a million users a day, which are using the sites for a few hours?
  • Is a site like IntelliPaat can work on Django?

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This is a very good question you asked I'll answer it one by one:

  • Ans.1:

Websites like Instagram and pintrest are using it, you can check this for more.

  • Ans.2:

Yes it can handle heavy user traffic without any issues.

  • Ans.3:

You can do it but as far as I know they aren't using it yet.

For any more question or doubts comment below.


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Scaling Web apps is not about web frameworks or languages, is about your architecture. It's about how you handle your browser cache, your database cache, how you use non-standard persistence providers (like CouchDB), how tuned is your database and a lot of other stuff.

You can use the following video tutorials to clear all your doubts:-

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