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I am looking for an open source neural network library. So far, I have looked at FANN, WEKA, and OpenNN. Are the others that I should look at? The criteria, of course, is documentation, examples, and ease of use.

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Most commonly used Deep Learning libraries nowadays.

Keras is the best in this category: usable, powerful and actively developed. It can use Tensorflow, Theano, and CNTK as a backend.

TensorFlow from Google (C++/Python). It is built on the top of keras.

CNTK from Microsoft (training in Python & evaluation in C++/C#/Java/Python)

Caffe from Berkeley Vision and Learning Center in C++ with Python bindings

PyTorch from Facebook, in Python, can be extended with C/C++

MXNet (C++, Python, R, Scala, Julia, Matlab, Javascript)

Hope this answer helps.

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