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In AWS free tier account providing 30GB storage to create an instance, if creating another instance with the same account is it chargeable?

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Creating an AWS account is free. But using its services will cost you. But AWS provides a free tier account for any new user for a 12 month period.

Now in the free tier account, you can use services for free up to a limit. As you have asked about 30GB storage which I guess is EBS and instance in the case an EC2 server which is t2.micro (free tier eligible).

Pointers to remember about the AWS free tier:

  1. After the limit per service, you will be billed
  2. For EBS, every month you get 30GB storage for free but you can create a 100GB EBS volume and not store anything in it or store lesser than 30 GB (you won't get charged)
  3. You can launch any number of EC2 t2.micro instances, but their combined running time should be equal to or lesser than 750 hours/month. Only then you won't be billed, if you use a different instance type or go over the monthly limit, you will get billed.

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