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What are the benefits of Automation Testing over Manual Testing?

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There are numerous benefits of Automation Testing over Manual Testing including:

  • The process of automation testing is comparatively faster
  • It eliminates errors that humans are likely to cause while processing the same set of operations
  • After the execution of the software operations, you can test and check the outcome of the application repeatedly
  • In the long run, it gives a better rate of return on investment than Manual Testing
  • It also helps in increasing the test coverage
  • It does not require human interference
  • It provides better quality and more accurate results

Some of the tools you can use to perform Automation Testing are as follows:

  • TestCraft
  • Selenium
  • Telerik Test Studio
  • Robotium
  • SoapUI
  • Visual Studio

To build a career in Automation Testing, sign up for an industry-recognized Test Architect Certification. After completing this online course, you will become proficient in Automation Testing and its various tools.

You should also watch this comprehensive video tutorial to learn more about the benefits of Automation Testing over Manual Testing:

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