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I just want to create a new measure that can calculate the total revenue of the owner. Owner type should be independent i.e. it can be owner or secondary owner. So how can I achieve that??

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This can be done if owner and secondary owner are in two separate columns. For that, you need to edit your data in excel like-

Step 1: Create two sheets in excel named them owner and secondary owner.

Step 2: In owner sheet put account name, dt, owner and revenue fields.

Step 3: In secondary owner sheet put account name, dt, secondary owner and revenue fields.

Step 4: Now import this excel file in Tableau and join the two sheets using union option.

Step 5: So now go to your Tableau sheet and just double click the owner which is present in dimension.

Step 6: Then drag the revenue field from the measure.

Now you will see the desired result in the Tableau desktop.

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