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So I've been getting into docker and for this, I've been following the docker documentation.So for my doubt, I've been specifically following this instruction for creating a docker image :

But I keep on getting an error while following it exactly, here are my dockerfile and build command and the error:

My dockerfile :

FROM        ubuntu:14.04
RUN         apt-get update && apt-get install -y redis-server
EXPOSE      6379
ENTRYPOINT  ["/usr/bin/redis-server"]

Docker build command :

$ sudo docker build -t myrepo/redis
Error :

docker: "build" requires 1 argument. See 'docker build --help'.

Can someone help me out?, please? 


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There error is that you forgot to add the dot after 'build'

You need to type in the command like this :

$ sudo docker build . -t < name >

The dot basically tells docker that the dockerfile that has to be used is in the current directory.

If you wish to specify a dockerfile that is not located in the local/current directory you can do so in docker v 1.5 like so :

$ sudo docker build --file="" -t < name >

Here --file specifies Name of the Dockerfile where the Default is ‘PATH/Dockerfile’.

Try typing in the commands when you refer tutorials and instructions, you will get less such errors and more practice.

Hope that helped :)

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