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I have installed mongodb on windows 8.1

As per the official docs, I have used the command promp to navigate to D:\mongodb\bin

then I use the following command

mongod.exe --config D:\mongodb\mongodb.conf

The content of mongodb.conf

bind_ip =,

port = 3979

quiet = true

dbpath = D:\mongodb\data\db

logpath = D:\mongodb\data\log\mongodb.log

logappend = true

journal = true

But my mongod is not starting. But if I use mongod.exe (without using config file), it works fine...

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Actually the config file must be valid YAML in MongoDB. You can try modifying the sample file provided with the documentation, for example:



  port: 3979


  dbPath: D:\mongodb\data\db


    enabled: true


  destination: file

  path: D:\mongodb\data\log\mongodb.log

  quiet: true

  logAppend: true

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