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I'm trying to push a docker image to the AWS ECR repository using the aws-cli.

I just run the get-login command

execute the output (which returns login succeeded)

then try to push a docker image then I get the message:

denied: Your Authorization Token has expired. Please run

'aws ecr get-login' to fetch a new one.

I don't know whats going wrong, I'm pushing to the right repo, the time on my mac is correct. This was working before, but since I reinstalled my mac and upgraded to macOS Sierra it's not working anymore, so probably related to that.

My aws --version output:

aws-cli/1.11.34 Python/2.7.10 Darwin/16.3.0 botocore/1.4.91

The complete output of the commands I run:

$ aws ecr get-login --region eu-west-1

docker login -u AWS -p AQECAHh....b6Wk -e none

$ docker login -u AWS -p AQECAHh....b6Wk -e none

Flag --email has been deprecated, will be removed in 1.13.

Login Succeeded

$ docker push

The push refers to a repository []

c1f87971dfa9: Preparing 

2eb644aea3de: Preparing 

9c8843ffe48e: Preparing 

39bb58d049d4: Preparing 

f053bc969599: Preparing 

7169084246b8: Waiting 

bb134a1936fd: Waiting 

184e76848a1c: Waiting 

75c8fcf65748: Waiting 

eb9b9ee1ea58: Waiting 

f4bf35723edd: Waiting 

ddffe1a64b3c: Waiting 

fd1a1154db16: Waiting 

b542e946067a: Waiting 

d49ed2a5e1ed: Waiting 

bb39b980367a: Waiting 

25b8358d062f: Waiting 

997eee521fc7: Waiting 

50b5447183a8: Waiting 

4339b5cb0e1d: Waiting 

3dbd4a53b21b: Waiting 

2bec16216500: Waiting 

b9fd8e264df6: Waiting 

b6ca02dfe5e6: Waiting 

denied: Your Authorization Token has expired. Please run 'aws ecr get-login' to fetch a new one.

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Try setting the region in ecr login command as shown below:

aws ecr get-login us-west-2

Also, make sure that your access ID and key are nor accidentally deleted.

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