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Well, I am new to data science and I am working on python where I had to prase multiple files and plot a graph out of it. I have researched it and found that global function can achieve the results but I don't know how to use it.

My file goes like this as shown below:

PRA-DIA_8.1_A_1.stat0, PRA-DIA_8.1_A_1.stat1, PRA-DIA_8.1_A_1.stat3....

When I am working on a single file, I have no issues. But when I try to use multiple files I am not able to get the results.

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I am assuming that you are located inside the directory and providing the code below which file the file starting with the name PRA-DIA_8.1_A_1.sta*

import glob

file_paths = glob.glob("./PRA-DIA_8.1_A_1.sta*")

Since we have all the files we can parse the file using the code below

for file_path in file_paths:

    with open(file_path, "r") as f:

        file_content =

        ...  # do your supplementary parsing here

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