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How can I remove rows which are duplicate in a column. I have read csv file into R data.frame. For ex.

    platform_external_dbus   303   27    Yahoo                    2
    platform_external_dbus   303   27    Local.files              2
    platform_external_dbus   303   27    host                         2  
    platform_external_dbus   303   27    users.sourcefiles  9    
    platform_external_dbus   303   27    distress                   2

I just want to delete one of the rows above and there is same data in first column.

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Perform this function after isolating your data frame to the columns you want to keep.

# in your example, you only need the first two columns <- unique( data[ , 1:2 ] )
# the third column no longer 'distinguishes' them, 
# so they're duplicates and deleted.

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