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is there a way to extract a table from a web page in Automation Anywhere after taking certain steps using web recorder. The table does not appear directly, it appears after clicking a few controls after launching the URL. The table that I want to extract is coming after login into the website and filtering using control for search criteria.

I used web recorder to login and putting the desired search criteria in a text field and I want to extract the table now. When I use web recorder, it launches the URL again and takes me back to the login page which I don't want. I want the bot to stay on the page. Pls, help.

Also, what is the significance of the session name of an extracted table?

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hi, I can understand your problem I myself have had a lot of issues with extract table, What you can do is use object cloning, it is little extra work but is very useful and less error-prone

I've found it much more useful to object clone the initial element, grab the DOMXPath, and variablize that. Then throw it into a loop while command and set the condition on finding at least one element (of the elements for the table you are trying to build). You can grab all sorts of useful info in the object clone command and then right that to a variable/table.

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