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Can anyone tell me which one is the best either AWS DevOps or Azure DevOps?

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Both Azure and AWS are prominent cloud platforms that provide reliable, adaptable and deliver the best that cloud technology requires. Both Azure and AWS are in-demand technologies and it depends on the individual to choose which technology to learn. Hence, I compared AWS and Azure on three aspects such as their market share, features, and salaries.

The market share of AWS is 47 percent. The market share of Azure is over 10 percent. AWS has features that allow functionalities like content delivery and storage, compute, networking, and database. Azure has features that allow functionalities for data management and databases, compute, networking, and performance. Comparing salaries, the median salary for AWS DevOps engineer is ₹467K/yr and for Azure DevOps Engineer is ₹604k/yr

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You can watch this video on AWS DevOps vs Azure DevOps:

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