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I have the same code (different file name) but the error I get is that I cannot use the argument pixels[x,y] for Chr() to write to a binary file

I have been trying to make this work and have not figured out how to do it yet.

from PIL import Image

image ="Margarita3.png")

pixels = image.load()

out_file = open("Margarita3.bin", "wb")

for y in range(150):

  for x in range(200):


      out_file.write(chr(pixels[x, y]))

    except IndexError:


Here is the error message:

    Traceback (most recent call last):

      File "C:\Users\Nicky\Desktop\tolaptop\wincupl_vga_timings\", line 

    11, in <module>


    TypeError: an integer is required

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Make sure the image is in the correct location. According to your current code, it should be in the same directory as the python script. If you want to specify otherwise, you should do it like so:

image ="C:\Users\Nicky\Desktop\tolaptop\...Margarita3.png")

pixels = image.load()

out_file = open("C:\Users\Nicky\Desktop\tolaptop\...Margarita3.bin", "wb")

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