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  • SSH for my AWS server is not working for Filezilla and Putty.


Disconnected : No supported authentication methods available 

  • The error is similar like setting up AWS SSH for the first time
  1. Incorrect .ppk file
  2. Wrong username
  3. Wrong IP

Are there any other possibilities?

  • The solution is that all the above problems should have permissions.

Here's an example:

/folder/ec2-user/ - 700

/folder/ec2-user/ .ssh/ - 0600

/folder/ec2-user/ .ssh/authorized_keys - 

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  • This error can occur immediately after changing the user’s home directory by:

Command: sudo usermod -d var/www/html username

  • For e.g: I have recreated the instances to use Amazon Linux instead of Ubuntu.

Now, I have to switch to use "EC2- user" as the username instead of "Unbuntu" to make sure that any error is not occurring.

  • It can also occur due to lack of permission to the authorized_key file in ~/.ssh

The permission of this file should be 0600 and permission of ~/.ssh should be 700.

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Your problem can be compared to incorrect login which varies depending on AMIs. Use the following logins on following AMIs:

  • ubuntu or root on ubuntu AMIs
  • ec2-user in Amazon Linux AMI
  • centos on Centos AMI
  • Debian or root on Debian AMIs
  • ec2-user or fedora on Fedora
  • ec2-user or root on RHEL AMI, SUSE AMI.

If you are using OS:

  1. Windows - get PEM key from the AWS website and generate a PPK file using PuttyGen. Then you have to use Putty to use the PPK (select it using left-column: Connection->SSH->Auth: Private key for authorization)
  2. Linux - run: ssh -i your-ssh-key.pem login@IP-or-DNS

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