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I wrote the code for the counter in python, but I did not my appropriate result. I made the list by input numbers,then wanted to make a counter and send the result of the counter in a new list and print it: How can I do that?

`>>>num1=int(input("plz enter a number: "))

 >>>num2=int(input("plz enter a number: "))

 >>>num3=int(input("plz enter a number: ")) 

 >>>list1= [num1,num2,num3] 

 >>>for n in list1:

 >>> n=n+1

 >>> print(n)`

the result after input numbers would be:

plz enter a number: 32

plz enter a number: 15

plz enter a number: 18




but I want to see 33,16,19 in a list. like:


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The idiomatic way to create the new list in Python is called the comprehension:

list2 = [i+1 for i in list1]

It is almost equivalent but shorter and more efficient (we say more pythonic) than:

list2 = []

for i in list1:


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