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Can anyone tell me how do I prepare for Power BI Certification?

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Microsoft conducts this Power BI certification exam (Microsoft 70-778 Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Microsoft Power BI exam) to validate your knowledge of the following concepts:

Consuming and transforming data using Power BI (20-25% weightage)

  • Connect to data sources.
  • Perform transformations.
  • Cleanse data.

Modelling and visualizing data (45-50% weightage)

  • Create and optimize data models.
  • Create calculated columns, calculated tables, and measures.
  • Measure performance using KPIs, gauges, and cards.
  • Create hierarchies.
  • Create and format interactive visualizations.
  • Manage custom reporting solutions.

Configure dashboards, Reports, Apps in Power BI (25-30% weightage)

  • Access on-premises data.
  • Configure a dashboard.
  • Publish and embed reports.
  • Configure security for dashboards, reports and apps.
  • Configure apps and apps workspaces.

You need to have knowledge of the above concepts to clear the exam and get the certification. If you are preparing for Microsoft 70-778 exam, then enroll in this Power BI Certification by Intellipaat.

Also, watch this video on Power BI:

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