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In a function, How to create and use a global variable?

How can I use it in other functions?

Is it compulsory to store the value of global variable in a local variable to use it in a function?

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If you want to refer to a global variable in a function you have to use the “global” keyword:



#you need to refer to global to modify the value

def set_gvar():

global gvar    

    gvar = 2

#no need to declare global to read value

def print_gvar():




# prints 2

 The main reason for using the “global “ keyword is to make Python sure that you know what you are dealing with and not mistaking it with a local variable. If “global” keyword is not mentioned, Python will implicitly declare it as local.

 Hope this answer helps!

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Let's say you have got a module like this:

myGlobal = 4

def func1():

    myGlobal = 3

def func2():

    print myGlobal



You might be expecting this to print 3, but instead, it prints 4. As has already been mentioned, if you add a 'global' declaration to func1(), then func2() will print 42.

def func1():

    global myGlobal

    myGlobal = 3

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