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I am new to programming and I am having trouble with the below code:

def list_to_string2(values):

 num = ""


 x= values[x]

 num += str(x)

 if len(values) == 0:

    return num


    return list_to_string2(values) + values.pop(0)


values = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]

s2 = list_to_string2(values)


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This is the fixed version of your code:

def list_to_string2(values, num=""):

    s = str(values[0])

    if len(values) == 1:

        return num + s


        num += s + ", "

        return list_to_string2(values[1:], num)

If you don't want recursion, you can simply do the following code:

def list_to_string2(values):

    return ", ".join(map(str, a))

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