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I try to make the little text-based rpg with the python. First thing I want to make is my input to equip armor or weapons.

def find_armor(x):

    if x=="bad armor":


    if x=="good armor":




bad_armor=["bad armor",300]

good_armor=["good armor", 500]


option1,option2=input(">").split(" ",1)

if option1=="equip":





print("your armor:",armor_name,armor_point)

This is my problem:

The function find_armor is not calling whatever I try to enter.

If my first word is the "equip" then my output is always: your armor: 0 0

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In the function, variables change with local scope. Then use the global armor before. And fixing your bad indentation:

def find_armor(x):

  global armor

  if x=="bad armor":

    global bad_armor


  elif x=="good armor":

    global good_armor


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