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I am trying to create a backup mechanism for our server so that if my system crashes, I should be able to create the whole system by running a single script

After going through Amazon documentation, this is my understanding of creating a backup and restoring


  1. Create an AMI Image (this can be updated monthly)
  2. Create a snapshot (This can be done using a daily script creating a snapshot)

Restore (A script to)

  1. Create an EBS instance using AMI
  2. Attach the EBS volume to Instance created

Now my Questions is

  1. Is it the best way to take a backup and restore?
  2. Do we actually need to backup 2 things, AMI and EBS volume (using snapshot), Can we just keep snapshots?
  3. I understand this cannot work for a local instance store instance, as there is no snapshot functionality. So how can I create a backup and restore process for local instance store instances?

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As I could not find any better alternative, I am sticking with the initial approach.

You can do it with these ways below:



  • You can Create an AMI image (Can be updated)
  • You can Create a snapshot of the AMI (Done whenever you want with a script)

Restore (A script to)

  • You can Create an EBS instance using the AMI
  • Then Attach the EBS volume to the create instance

For instance store, there is no need for a backup, because it is just the application without a database.

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