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Could someone tell me whether Cloud computing worth learning?

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Yes, it’s absolutely worth learning cloud computing as the recent surveys and trends suggest. Some of the points which help you better decide whether or not to enter this domain is a good option are:

  • The cloud is a growing market that needs a greater number of professionals. And this trend will grow in the comping years.
  • Getting certified in the cloud will hugely improve your earning potential and enhances your credibility among your peers.
  • Job security is another feature which attracts a large number of professionals, as the cloud is the current big technology that is attracting the larger workforce, getting skilled at it, will go long in securing your job in the future.

If you are planning to get certified in cloud computing? then check out the cloud computing courses from Intellipaat which provides courses in AWS, Azure and GCP, and other cloud associated courses. These courses are designed to offer an online training course with guided projects and exercises to help you obtain the required hands-on experience.

Also, do check out our YouTube video on What is Cloud Computing? from our experts to help you get started.

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