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I have a list box that a user needs to click, then select a value from the dropdowns. I am trying to use Blueprism to select a value from the list by using the 'Select Item' action in a navigate stage. I have identified the on-screen element as a list box. However, when I run the stage I get the following error.

Internal: Failed to perform step 1 in Navigate Stage 'Update Payment Method' on page 'Clone Policy' - Select Item is not implemented for active accessibility elements with role 'DropList'

I want to be able to pull the payment method into a data item from my process, pass it into this object and then select an item.

Please see screenshots

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

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I wish that you provided more information on this but from what I can infer from your screenshots your application seems to be old (VB6 probably). BluePrism may have trouble dealing with legacy apps, you can try the following to resolve your issue:

  1. Attempt to spy the element using Win32 or Active Accessibility mode (or the UI mode if you have BP v6+)
  2. Use Application Navigator to see if you can spy the list items themselves
  3. Check how reliable would it be to use keystrokes on the dropdown.
  4.  you could use region/list region and OCR the dropdown list.
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