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I was just wondering who knows what programming languages Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux are made up of and what languages are used for each part of the OS (ie: Kernel, plug-in architecture, GUI components, etc).

I think there exist multiple languages for all and I know that this Linux kernel is written in C language.

I'm guessing here that Mac OS X contains a lot of Objective-C code as it is Apple's language derived from NeXT.

I think Windows contains C, C++, and Intel Assembly. Does the Linux or Mac OS contain an Assembly code?

Also, are there any scripting languages like Ruby, Python, etc used by these OS developers for scripting parts of each OS? What parts of this OS would be written in each language?

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  • The Windows: C++, kernel is in the C
  • The Mac: Objective C, kernel is in the C (IO PnP subsystem is Embedded C++)
  • The Linux: Most things are in the language C, many userland apps are written in Python, KDE is all C++

All the kernels will always use some assembly code.

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