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Could someone tell me why do we need docker containers?

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Software development lifecycle was a very hard task before the concept of Docker and containerized applications. With the introduction of Docker, the problem of physically moving the applications from a point to another, and needing heavy hardware for deployment and testing. Docker is a format for containerized application which helps in easy development, deployment, and testing of these applications.

The major points why do you require docker containers are listed below:

  • Docker helps you in maximizing efficient resource usage.
  • Dockers helps you in speeding up the software delivery cycle.
  • Docker helps you in making applications portable which was not the case before Docker was introduced.
  • Dockers are a boon for microservices architecture.

Dockers help you in containerizing the applications to help you increase the uptime by bringing down the downtime, and even for upgrading services and bring about updates you don’t need to take the applications down for their maintenance.

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