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Is it possible to create Custom (own) controls for the SQL Server Mobile Report publisher? Meaning own graphs (Gauges), styles, maps, etc...

I was unable to find any information about this topic on Google (or other sites like SO). A few days back we had lectures/training with some developer (basics of Reporting) and he shortly said that it is possible, but we haven't got time to go through it.

My expectations (as an answer) is explanation what tool can be used and/or link to tutorial. Possibly also some information (with source) that this cannot be created in version 2016.



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SQL Server Mobile Report Publisher provides options to use custom ESRI Shapefiles as maps for mobile reports development.

1. Assuming that you have already installed SQL Server Mobile Report Publisher, open the application as shown below. You should be able to see Geospatial Maps. In the maps section, drag any map on the grid and enlarge it for a clear view.

2. Click on the Map dropdown, and you should be able to see the out-of-the-box maps. Basically, the Custom map button allows you to select any custom ESRI shapes that can be used as a map. An ESRI Shapefile is a.SHP file for shape geometries and a.DBF file for metadata. These files are required to be in the same location and should have the same file name.

3. Click on the Custom Map button and select a.SHP and.DBF file of a custom map.

4. Once you have successfully opened the shapefile, it will be applied to the control and you should be able to visualize the custom map.

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