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Can anyone help me with the commands for Azure cli for configuring a point-to-site VPN?

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You can try the below command:

az network vnet-gateway create \

  -n VNet1GW \

  -l eastus \

  --public-ip-address VNet1GWIP \

  -g TestRG1 \

  --vnet VNet1 \

  --gateway-type Vpn \

  --sku VpnGw1 \

  --vpn-type RouteBased \

  --address-prefixes \

  --client-protocol OpenVPN

After that, you need to attach the certificate:

az network vnet-gateway root-cert create -g TestRG1 -n vpncliCert --gateway-name VNet1GW --public-cert-data path/to/your/certificate

Once done, now you can able to download the VPN client to use it.

I hope this will help.

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