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Can anyone explain to me what types of machine learning algorithms are used in solving some popular real-world problems?

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Most Machine Learning algorithms are mainly developed to solve numerous real-world problems. Further, we will discuss the issues that have their solutions only due to Machine Learning techniques and algorithms. Let’s read about a few:

  • Manual data entry: Earlier, duplicate and inaccurate data were major business issues that need to be automated to avoid such errors. With the help of predictive analysis and Machine Learning algorithms have brought about significant changes.

  • Spam detection: One of the first problems that Machine Learning solved is detecting spam. Earlier, numerous email-service providers used pre-existing techniques to eliminate spam emails. However, with Machine Learning, spam filters can be created today and this helps in eliminating spam better than ever before.

  • Product recommendation: Unsupervised learning is a Machine Learning technique that allows one to use a product-based recommendation system for the customers. Based on the consumer’s purchase history and a big inventory of services and products, the products are suggested. The Machine Learning algorithms find the products that the consumers are most likely to purchase and recommend them the same.

  • Medical diagnosis: Machine Learning has helped the healthcare industry save numerous lives at a minimal cost. The techniques have offered the right diagnosis to patients, along with medical recommendations and other necessities that the patient may require.

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