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I want a data science job in bangalore. Can you please tell me what should I prepare and how?

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Companies hire based on their specific requirements rather than a general criterion. So, I would advise you to first analyze which of these companies require your skill sets and then filter them out. This way, you will be spending much less time and effort applying for jobs that don’t need you and actually turn your attention to the ones that do. 

Following is a job description of one of the Data Science roles that are currently open:

  • Implement modern tools and programming languages for data mining

  • Build and implement models to uncover trends, patterns, and predictions for business value and innovation

  • Understand the perspective of a business

  • Use data visualization tools/methods to demonstrate insights

  • Ensure integrity, accuracy, and compliance of cleansed data

  • Staying updated with technology and trends 

  • Lead a project team of Data Science professionals

  • Work with the project team regarding the progress and issue resolution

  • Represent the Data Science team throughout all projects

  • Provide training and mentoring to other staff members. 

Intellipaat has a well-designed Data Science online course. Make sure to reach out to the course advisors for a consultation. The course offers 24/7 online learning support as well as job assistance.

Here are a set of Data Science interview questions to help you prepare for future job opportunities:

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