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When running this alpine docker container the first time and attempting an OpenSSH install, the following happens:

[email protected]:~$ docker run -it --rm alpine /bin/ash

/ # apk add openssh

WARNING: Ignoring APKINDEX.d3812b7e.tar.gz: No such file or directory

WARNING: Ignoring APKINDEX.bb2c5760.tar.gz: No such file or directory

ERROR: unsatisfiable constraints:

  openssh (missing):

    required by: world[openssh]

How can OpenSSH be installed?

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You need to Run the apk update first. The below paste contains the complete example:

    [email protected]:~$ docker run -it --rm alpine /bin/ash

    / # apk update



    v3.3.1-97-g109077d []

    v3.3.1-59-g48b0368 []

    OK: 5853 distinct packages available

    / # apk add openssh

    (1/3) Installing openssh-client (7.1_p2-r0)

    (2/3) Installing openssh-sftp-server (7.1_p2-r0)

    (3/3) Installing openssh (7.1_p2-r0)

    Executing busybox-1.24.1-r7.trigger

    OK: 8 MiB in 14 packages

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