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I have created an Azure storage account and then I have also created an Azure Databricks, but when I was trying to run this databricks it throws an error:

Cluster terminated. Reason: Cloud Provider Launch Failure

A cloud provider error was encountered while launching worker nodes. See the Databricks guide for more information.

Azure error code: OperationNotAllowed

Azure error message: Operation could not be completed as it results in exceeding approved Total Regional Cores quota. Additional details - Deployment Model: Resource Manager, Location: centralus, Current Limit: 4, Current Usage: 4, Additional Required: 4, (Minimum) New Limit Required: 8. Submit a request for Quota increase at by specifying parameters listed in the ‘Details’ section for deployment to succeed. Please read more about quota limits at

Can anyone help me with this? How I can able to recify this error?

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To run Azure databricks, what you need is a subscription of Pay-As-You-Go. Because, Azure free trial is limited to 4 cores and you are not able to create Azure databricks cluster using Free trial subscription.

I hope this will help.

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