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Could someone tell me what courses are required to become a cybersecurity expert?

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A Cyber Security specialist is a professional who is hired by an organization to safeguard and secure their computer information systems, by planning, implementing, and coordinating information security programs for the entire organization.

The minimum qualification that some of the employers are demanding is a bachelors’ degree in Cyber Security or any field related to computer science. And even some demand master’s degree in the respective field to offer you a job role.

While getting a degree would help you pass the eligibility test, but getting a job is not certain without getting a certification in a related course, pursuing internships, and bootcamps experiences. Because what they need is practical experience in the domain. So, if you are interested in learning Cyber Security, come and join Intellipaat’ Cyber Security Certification course which offers dedicated time for both online instructor-led course along with several guided industry level projects to build on practical exposure.

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