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I have done 8 steps in pet-shop in Truffle:

  1. In the box titled "New RPC URL" enter http://localhost:9545 and click Save.
  2. The network name at the top will switch to say "Private Network". Click the left-pointing arrow next to "Settings" to close out of the page and return to the Accounts page.

Each account created by Truffle Develop is given 100 ether. You'll notice it's slightly less on the first account because some gas was used when the contract itself was deployed.

but i cannot find 100 ether in MetaMask, it is still 0 ether in account1.

Can you help me?

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To resolve the issue you are facing, make sure you have entered the correct seed phrase in step 6. 

In the box which is marked as Wallet Seed, enter the mnemonic that was displayed while launching Truffle Develop.

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