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Could someone tell me what skills do you need to be a cloud architect?

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A cloud architect is a professional who is an expert in a cloud service provider, who knows inside-out and could manage, scale, design, and maintain cloud services by curating them for clients or the company needs. The Cloud computing industry is growing at a very rapid pace, according to the industry insights, as it reported to grow by 35% in 2021 according to a report from Forrester to $120 billion (USD). So, there is a huge demand for professionals skilled in cloud architecture, to help solve business problems. Some of the most in-demand skills for cloud architect are:

  1. Proficient in any one cloud service provider like AWS, Azure, or GCP, its architecture, should have sound knowledge in designing solutions, managing services, etc.
  2. A good amount of networking skills is required for these professionals.
  3. Operating systems knowledge is required and is essential in bagging the job. Getting skilled in Linux will be sufficient, as 90% of cloud servers run on Linux.
  4. DevOps skills are one of the hottest trends that are being demanded by various organizations. Skills like CI/CD, tools like Kubernetes, Docker, etc. will be most preferred.
  5. Good grip in Programming languages like Python, Java, etc. will help in making your career advance smoother.
  6. Security is very essential to cloud infrastructure, so having sound knowledge in security and disaster recovery systems will prove beneficial in the long run.

That’s it these are the summarized version of skills, the actual skillsets required is much longer and it varies from company to company, as some demand less and some demand a versatile skill to bag a job. If you wish to advance in your career then check out the master course from Intellipaat on cloud architect certification course. Also, if you are just starting out then I would suggest you check out our YouTube video on Top Cloud Skills in Demand.

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