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I have come across a few (Machine learning-classification problem) journal papers mentioned evaluate the accuracy with the Top-N approach. Data was show that Top 1 accuracy = 42.5%, and Top-5 accuracy = 72.5% in the same training, testing condition. I wonder how to calculate this percentage of top-1 and top-5?

Can someone show me an example and steps to calculate this?



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I’d try to answer in the simplest way that I can.

Top-1 accuracy is the conventional accuracy, which means that the model answer (the one with the highest probability) must be exactly the expected answer.

Top-5 accuracy means that any of your model that gives 5 highest probability answers that must match the expected answer.

Let's say you're applying a machine learning algorithm for object recognition using a neural network. A picture of a cat is shown, and these are the outputs of your neural network:

  • Tiger: 0.4

  • Dog: 0.3

  • Cat: 0.1

  • Lynx: 0.09

  • Lion: 0.08

  • Bird: 0.02

  • Bear: 0.01

In the above-mentioned probabilities:

Using top-1 accuracy, you will count this output as wrong, because it predicted a tiger.

Using top-5 accuracy, you count this output as correct, because the cat is among the top-5 guesses.

I hope this explanation would help you to understand.

If you want to know the real-world applications of Machine Learning then you can go through this video:

To Learn the application of machine learning, and types of machine learning go through this machine learning tutorial.

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It worked for me!
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well explained!
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Thanks for the easy to understand explanation.
Thanks a lot for this answer. According to you, is Top-5 really a good metric, or is it just a way to exaggerate the true capabilities of a neural network?
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Thanks for this clear demonstration.
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I think the top-5 metric is pretty useful because a picture can have more details than one object.
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top-5 accuracy will always be higher than Top-1 accuracy
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Thanks for a nice explanation
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Pretty good explaination.
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The complement of the accuracy is the error:

The top-1 error:- The percentage of time that the classifier did not give the correct class the highest probability score.
The top-5 error:- The percentage of time that the classifier did not involve the correct class among the top 5 probabilities or guesses.

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Nice explanation..taking error instead of accuracy really puts things into perspective!
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Thanks for this explanation. Which is easy to understand the answer.

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