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Can you tell me some resources to learn Hadoop? And also I need to know some key skills to get started in this domain?

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The Skills required to get started in the domain are listed below:

  • Knowledge of the Hadoop ecosystem and its components

  • Ability to write manageable, reliable, and high-performance codes

  • Expert knowledge of Hadoop, Pig, HBase, and Hive

  • Work experience in HQL (Hibernate Query Language)

  • Experience in writing MapReduce jobs and Pig Latin scripts

  • Hands-on experience in backend programming using Java, OOAD, JavaScript, and Node.js

  • Good knowledge of multi-threading and concurrency

  • Having analytical and problem-solving skills and implementing them in Big Data with your acquired Big Data Developer skills

  • Good understanding of data loading tools like Flume

  • In-depth knowledge of database principles, structures, practices, and theories

  • Knowledge of schedulers

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