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Could someone tell me whether is it worth learning Digital Marketing from Google’s Digital Garage?

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Digital Marketing is one of the most trending and constantly evolving domains as of now. And there are many ways through which you could be aware of, learn and train yourself for this domain. These ways could be free or paid depending on what you need to learn. You just want to brush basics or wish to advance to become a Digital Marketer yourself, that’s the question you need to ask yourself. Talking about Google Digital Garage, it offers a good short course on the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing, where you need to complete 26 video modules, and pass a test at the end to earn the free digital certification from Google, which you could proudly display anywhere. But if you ask me about its worth, I would say it’s definitely worth it. Because 1st the certification is from Google, and the 2nd it does help you in getting your basics correct. So, this course from Digital Garage is suitable for those who just want to get their fundamentals correct, that’s it!

If you are someone who is wishing to seriously break into this career, then Google’s course won’t suffice, and for that, you need to enroll in an advanced Digital Marketing course from a reputed e-learning company like Intellipaat, which teaches you about all aspects of this domain with guided projects that will help you in building the practical experience. Also, have a look at our YouTube video on the Digital Marketing course to get a hang of the domain.


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