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I want to use a 3d bubble chart so that every data entry will be represent as one bubble chart

I want 3 axis and size of one bubble chart represent as 4 quantitative valuation measures

x-axis: VM1, data range 0-10;
y-axis: VM2, data range 0-20;
z-axis: VM3, data range 0-10;

bubble size: VM4, data range 20.000 - 2.000.000;

There should be different colors for each categories

bubble color: Category, number of categories: 1-5 

How can I create this? 

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Below Format  you will find settings that you need to adjust

Select the Data colors section, and select the color you want to display in Bubble Name field


Select Cluster data colors section, you need to select the color that you need to display in the Cluster Name field


In the Legend section we need to adjust the formatting.


And in the Label settings, you can  format the labels on each bubble.


By,using Common settings, increase or decrease  padding between the bubble.


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