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Could someone tell me how long does it take to build a Machine Learning project?

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The build time of the Machine Learning model depends, on a lot of factors. If you just need to create an ML project or model, it could be built in a week’s time or less than that, but that prepared model may not be accurate. To increase its accuracy lot of training has to be given to the model, more accurate datasets need to acquire, which will help in making the ML project more accurate and efficient. It also depends on the risks involved, if the project is to be deployed in a risky environment, where the incorrect result may lead to danger to life, then the project will take sufficient time, to validate that the produced result is correct, and poses no harm in any situation. For example, take in the case of medical-related ML project, so any incorrect data, will lead to discrepancies, that is a danger to human lives.

So, there are a lot of factors that need to be looked after and only then we could at least estimate the build time of these ML projects. If you are someone who is going for an ML interview, then I highly recommend you to take up the Machine Learning course from Intellipaat and check out the Machine Learning Interview questions to get your concepts clear and ace the interview. Also, watch our free YouTube video on Machine Learning Project using Python to get a better idea of how to create an ML project.

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