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I have confusion between array splice and slice in Javascript. Please tell me from the scratch about it.

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Whenever we want to retrieve or remove certain elements from an array in javascript, splice and slice methods are used. 

Slice Method: This method slices(extracts) the array and returns out the new array.

Syntax: array.slice( Start  [,end] );

Start: It always starts from zero index from where slicing begins, in case of negative index, start begins from the last of the sequence.

End: It is based on zero index where slicing needs to be stopped. 

Return Value: It returns the extracted or sliced array according to the values entered by the users. 




      <title>JavaScript Array slice Method</title>




      <script type = "text/javascript">

         var arr = ["Plane", "Car", "Bus", "Train", "Truck"];

         document.write("arr.slice( 1, 2) : " + arr.slice( 1, 2) ); 

         document.write("<br />arr.slice( 1, 3) : " + arr.slice( 1, 3) ); 




Output Snippet:

arr.slice( 1, 2) :Car

arr.slice( 1, 3) :Car, Bus

Splice Method: It is used to make changes in the original array by modifying it where it can take any number of arguments.


    var webDev = ["C", "C++", "Python", "Java"];


    document.write(webDev + "<br>");


    var removed = webDev.splice(2, 1, 'Node', 'Angular')


    document.write(webDev + "<br>");

    document.write(removed + "<br>");


    // inserting from 2nd, no removing

    //ending index

    webDev.splice(-2, 0, 'Angular')




C, C++, Python, Java

C, C++, Node, Angular,Java


C,C++, Node, React, Angular, Java

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