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Could someone tell me how to start Amazon Affiliate Marketing in India?

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Amazon Affiliate Marketing or Amazon Associate program is quiet famous in India, and those who have successfully made their blog, YouTube channel or App are increasingly are subscribing to Amazon Affiliate Marketing program to earn a side income or sometimes the main income. Let me give you the points that you would need to strike off to start making money through the Amazon Associate program:

  1. Start off by creating a website, app, or YouTube channel by picking a niche that you researched and found out that is popular and would sell. Bear in mind the more popular is your content and the greater the quality of the content that you will be producing, more will be the success rate for your Amazon Affiliate Marketing program. So, you need to make the website reliable and faster enough to enhance the retention rate for your visitors.
  2. Then you need to register for yourself for the Amazon Affiliate Marketing program through an account, that you might already possess or create one instead on the official website for Amazon Associates.
  3. It is a bit length procedure where you need to mention the details of the website or the channel you are owning, and describe how you will be earning from it, the ways employed, and how you will drive in the traffic, etc., once you have submitted your application, they will review it and give you the confirmation.
  4. Once the permission is granted, now you could go on about creating Amazon Affiliate Marketing links, which you could use for selling products through your content. And when a visitor goes through your content and finds it suiting him, would go on buying the product or service from the link you have posted. And you will receive your referral fees or commission for the transaction.

This is how to do Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program in India. And if you are interested in learning more about the ways you could earn money Digitally, check out any good Digital Marketing course from a reputed e-learning institute like Intellipaat, that offers you a good quality course along with guided projects. Also, watch the following YouTube video on How to Start Affiliate Marketing.

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