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I am going deploy multiple(30+) applications for multiple customers in different cloud environments (AWS, Azure, google cloud, etc) and let them share data with each other. My plan is to use Blockchain/IPFS sort of technology where each customer keeps a copy of the data, and any changes to those data are propagated to all the nodes.

The data can be categorized into two types:

Public data of each customer are shared and accessed by all applications directly.

Private data of each customer are encrypted with the customer's public key before stored and the cipher can be accessed by all applications.

Does this sound like a viable solution ? IPFS seems to be a good candidate for data storage, but not sure which database works well with IPFS.

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Ethereum can be leveraged to store the hash related to the IPFS for each customer. We know that each IPFS hash references to a particular piece of data and the data is public but either in plain text or encrypted with a public key. Over here, customers will have unique public addresses and these addresses function as unique identifiers. These are then mapped to a list of IPFS hashes for referencing data. Event triggers can also be set up in Ethereum Smart Contract methods.

Users are allowed to subscribe to smart contract events and act accordingly on the information which is updated. IPFS hashes that are attached to users can be read by anyone.

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